Week number three, more training…

So…I am already looking forward to beer later on; now I just have to get through 2.5 hours of work, one hour on the bike and a 5 mile run… Peanuts!

 It will be different; I will have something to look forward to  bored as a mother forker on the bike…Beer! Afterwards I will jump on the treadmill, fill my brain with thoughtless banter of the afternoon talk shows and then beer time.

 That is 3 mentions of beer in 5 sentences…

 This week I rose at the crack of dawn twice for two morning swims (so far). The first 2000 meters; the second was a planned 600 meter swim changed to 800 meters and a 9 mile run beforehand. It required being a little late for work, but was worth avoiding a second visit to the gym.

 So far this week; 19 miles of running (24 following today), 1.5 hours of cycling (2.5 after today) and 2800 meters of swimming (another 800 meters on Sunday).

 I am spending more time than is desirable at the gym. I conclude that is understandable, it is more convenient doing everything at the gym already being there. Life before multiple sports… 1 hr of treadmill running; I was walking out the door, now that run is followed by sitting on a bike or jumping into a pool… It is now 2 to 3 hours before I am walking out the door.

 It is Friday, the weekend after a long week (for me anyway)… Does anyone have big plans for the weekend? Racing? Training? Drinking?



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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

21 responses to “Week number three, more training…”

  1. creativemedconnect says :

    Oh beer or wine is included in every weekend! : ) Have a good one, it sounds like you deserve a break!

  2. tiredmama says :

    Planning to conclude my heavier workout day with a beer, too. Cheers to you!

  3. meexio says :

    Oh yeah…training for sure. Got a call from the recruiters and it’s not good. They are fighting for me to not get kicked out of the Navy. So I’ve been getting into jumping rope and threw in a speed interval training on the treadmill. Then both of my ankles have been in pain for 2 days now. Any thoughts on that? I figure it’s because I have been working out more than the usual especially with foot works training in boxing and running and weight lifting. My thought is it must be too much shock at once.

  4. eb does life says :

    Great post! I raced last weekend…8 miles in the Great Aloha Run and beat my time by twenty minutes. That’s like a warm-up run for triathletes but I was proud 🙂

  5. Happy Runner says :

    Enjoy the beer, 🙂 You deserve it. It’s my rest week, so just one short run this weekend for me.

  6. annewoodman says :

    Yes, the rewards, even small ones like beer, are so sweet. It’s wine for me, although I’ve been resting a wonky foot this week–I probably don’t deserve it. Went back out for an easy 4.5 this morning, and it felt great! I was feeling so cooped up!!!! Can’t imagine life without exercise. Enjoy the training… and the beer.

  7. kmt4n says :

    Sounds like you need a beer! 🙂 As for me, 9-mile run tomorrow morning, then spending all afternoon at a wine festival. Am enjoying my rest day today, but am also definitely eager to get out there at dawn!

  8. elisariva says :

    I believe today you should be called beerrunner! Enjoy, I will be having wine with friends this weekend between training and flipping. Love weekends.

  9. Nicole says :

    I have my second 18 mile run in 2 days tomorrow morning and then I will be enjoying some wine… and more carbs- both for recovery 🙂 Enjoy the happy hour tonight and have one for me!

  10. Amy says :

    Training and Beer and WATCHING races for me! Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy those afternoon talk shows!

  11. Anna says :

    Wow! That’s quite some training! I’ve taken a rest week after a few quite intense weeks (although my ‘intense’ is lighter than your ‘intense’). My longest run was yesterday – 8 miles at a relaxed pace. Rest weeks are nice 🙂

    (But I’m looking forward to ramping it up again next week!)

  12. Sharon says :

    Wow, I get tired just reading your posts lol. I had a good PT session this morning and am having a few drinks tonight. Back into building up my running distances next week. Cheers!

  13. mymultipersonality says :

    i’ve always said beer is the best recovery drink.

  14. Luv What You Do says :

    It was definitely a long week! I finally got out for a run in the snow this afternoon, and I like your plan to have lots of beer involved in the weekend!

  15. AndrewGills says :

    I spent the last 3 days officiating at triathlons. That meant getting up at 3am and spending most of each day out in the weather (wind, rain and heat) before coming home.

    I’ve squeezed in a few swims but the effort has really taken it out of me so I’ve also spent a lot of time sleeping. I start training for my next tri tomorrow after a week off 🙂

    Your training sounds like it’s going really well 🙂 You’ll smash the IM

  16. Chrissy510 says :

    Beer is a great motivator, that’s for sure. Great job with the training!

  17. Rachel says :

    Training has had to slow down a little after a bit of knee pain but I’m off to the Peak District for the weekend with hubby for much walking, talking and wine :)))

  18. Looking Out The Window says :

    It is almost nice enought I can start training outside. You inspire me to keep trying to find fitness.

  19. David Jones says :

    I find your post to be interesting. My brother-in-law is the track coach at a school in Louisiana. Runs all the time. Interesting to read what you have to say. I have been over weight most of my life. Work out a lot.

  20. Eric Soderlund says :

    First off, I love beer too! Second, you have a lot of hot chics responding to your blog! Once you do one I.M, you will need to do at least one more. Just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke! Keep moving!

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