Week two in the books

Week two is now in the books…

I managed to swim 3200 meters, cycled 4.5 hours and increased my running to 37 miles…

Training has brought with it some ups and downs. I have learned swimming at a “Community Center” type gym can bring with it challenges… Such as jockeying for position in a lane and avoiding kids using lanes as public pool spaces. The other big challenge has been scheduling, the whole pool is closed and used for lessons on Saturday and Sunday mornings… My advice; Don’t join a Community Center!

By the end of  week two, swimming is getting easier… I can link together 125 meter sets without great difficulty in completing 1800 meters… It does take some build up of endurance after not swimming lengths or distance for so long. I am going for 2000 meter this week…

Cycling indoors is what I find most difficult and hardest to be motivated towards. It is difficult sitting on a bike, in a room, for an extended period of time and not going insane. Spin classes have made this a tad more bearable…

I have managed quite a few bike to run workouts not finding the transition too difficult.

So far it hasn’t been too bad, I find I could eat endlessly as though my stomach is a bottomless pit (I think that has alot to do with the swimming) and that it is easier training for one sport such as running. One of the hardest parts in the early stages has been training while being tired from a previous days activities…



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12 responses to “Week two in the books”

  1. jennnigan says :

    I find doing interval training on the bike makes things a lot more interesting. Well, a bit more, at least. And spin class is definitely a billion times better than cycling on a bike, on your own, going nowhere. Also, I imagine you already know this and perhaps it’s the weather preventing you, but if it’s possible, cycling in the real world can be pretty cool!

  2. elisariva says :

    Great job! You will find sleep will become more important than tv or reading in the evening. As for the bike, are you able to watch movie while you ride? That is the dullest sport to do stationary! Keep up the good work and look out for those kids in the pool.

  3. Nicole says :

    Wow! Inspirational! I can’t believe all your doing- motivating me!

  4. Anne says :

    Wow! Really impressive.

  5. bgddyjim says :

    Good job brother…that’s some serious km’s my friend. Keep it up.

  6. Amy says :

    I am finding that swimming is one of the hardest things I’ve ever tried. I can’t even imagine getting up to 2000 meters at this point. Sounds like your training is going great!

  7. run4joy59 says :

    high five!!! you’re doing great!!

  8. rsouth says :

    How many hours a day do you train? How did you first get started in all this?

  9. Gigi says :

    I have the same problem with the community center where I swim. It’s a drag alright!

  10. runningthewindycity says :

    I am always so much hungrier after swimming than running, maybe its the full-body workout? Congrats on week 2!

  11. jbkosbie says :

    Great start! I’m definitely glad that my Ironman is late enough in the year that I can wait until it’s a bit warmer out to start cycling outdoors. I don’t envy you the miles on a trainer.

  12. liftingwithlyme says :

    When my cyclist friends have to train indoors on a trainer, they typically hook up a laptop to the TV and play South Park episodes or sporting events or something else that they really enjoy – maybe that will help? Good job!

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