Happy New Year, First outdoor run of 2012

Beautiful January morning in Halifax… Is this global warming?

Sunny January Day
Today, January 8th 2012, my first run in the great outdoors of the New Year. Despite some tiredness and fatigue, I survived 12.5 miles…
I received an unsuspected gift over the holidays, a little extra Christmas flab, I didn’t even ask for it! The cookies and cakes and alcohol consumed seems to catch up come January.
Today opened my eyes to the effect of all those lazy, cope out, treadmill runs of recent… My pace was all over the place not to mention the hell of the final three miles. As easy, convenient and warm the treadmill may be, it causes pure havoc to future outdoor runs… For me anyway.
Cannot post my Garmin data due to site maintenance…
Total: 12.5 miles,  1.35

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I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

14 responses to “Happy New Year, First outdoor run of 2012”

  1. TestingTrueChange says :

    That is quite the awesome run! The longest I’ve gone so far is 8 miles, but the goal is to do a half marathon by summer. Well done!

  2. Lisa says :

    The weather has been all over the place here. I really need to learn to love the outdoor runs.

  3. kruzmeister says :

    I know what you mean about the treadmill, before I started seriously training for triathlons I used to run on them all the time, when I started back road running about six weeks ago my body went into total shock. Great first run for the year though, nice work!

  4. Bryan Lee says :

    Hi there

    Thanks for following. Nice weather there.

    Right here in Singapore, there is only one season and that’s summer. So it’s hot and humid most of the time. I see you (from your posts) have been doing marathon. I am sure with all the foundation an “ironman” is no problem for you.

    Cheers and keep on running


  5. Anne says :

    I’m with you. Had the same gift. It’s tough getting back at it. There are a lot of us “Christmas Breakers” out here. Me to my extra pounds…”burn baby burn.” Have a great day!

  6. JFT says :

    I’m looking forward to winter – such as we have it down here in Tennessee – to pass so we can be running outside consistently.
    Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  7. Michelle Kreifels says :

    Awesome job! We don’t have ‘winter’ here and because I have been so spoiled that 27 degrees, to me, is FREEZING! Imagonna keep hitting the treadmill up for some mileage.

    Happy Running!

  8. Kat says :

    Today sealed it for me – I’m officially 100% fine with global warming. It was beyond beautiful to be able to run outside in a tank top on January 9th. Minnesota doesn’t have any coastline to lose and allegedly, our climate would more closely mimic that of Texas. How bad is that, really?

    I’m glad you pulled through those last 3 miles – those can be the toughest sometimes.

    p.s. I truly find global warming to be quite concerning in all seriousness.

  9. Lisa says :

    The weather looks grand! And how funny – my first run of the new year – at all – was January 8th. Hopefully I stay healthy & don’t have to take any more extended running breaks for awhile. Nice work on your 12.5!

  10. Corrie Anne says :

    What a great way to start the year!!!

  11. Brian says :

    I completely relate. A few times over the past couple of months the weather has been very nice, and I still find myself on the treadmill. I pay for this in the last few miles of an outdoor distance run every time. Not to mention the fact my belt seems to have grown smaller.

  12. Rop says :

    a nice long run!

    treadmill is unfortunately only sensible option for many runners, including myself.


  13. thepiratehorizon says :

    ciao u there. i don’t know if it’s global warming, but this winter is unique down here in the south – the sun keeps shining like a gold medal on an unbelievably blue shirt, and one dares running with short sleeves and running shorts, which upsets winter and all things related to it, obviously. 😉
    u survived the 12.5 miles, i survived the xmas days and the tons of chocolate i ate. and now, as always when spring approaches, it’s time to get serious about runs. seriousness is not my strongest point though.
    keep up on it – thanx for coming by my place. ciao to u and all the runners here

  14. virginmarathoner says :

    I love it! I know what you mean about the treadmill. It can serve its purpose now and then but I definately prefer the outdoors, and particularily moving from point A to point B. Gotta feel like I went somewhere. How many marathons have you run? I went to the Olympic trials this morning and was so impressed by the pros. I like your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! I would like to be updating it more often but I can’t find the time. I’m working on it!

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