Happy New Year, 2012… Running goals

Happy New Year… 2012!

The holidays are officially over, with January also come our free tickets back to reality! (One-way)

2012 has already brought much joy in the form of bills, payments and membership fees… The responsibilities of
owning a car, being employed and life in general!!! We are the 99% haha…

My goals for 2012…I hope this to be the year I BP a race, both half and full marathon.

I also wish for hope, prosperity, Love and peace on earth… But I cannot make that happen.

My first race of 2012 is a half marathon in February. I know how appealing that sounds.
Will it bring with it  a PB? Probably not… My training to date has mostly been farting around doing 10k’s ,
80% of them have taken place on a treadmill.

I will continue from the half and train for a spring marathon… Why not, I will be
half trained already! Hopefully with some proper training and race execution, this will bring a PB.

I want to purchase a road or time trial bike and pursue triathlon in 2012.

I plan on running more in the great outdoors during the cold winter months of 2012… I have to put my new hat,
mitts and running tights to good use!

Did I mention I also hope to win the lottery ? and for the bachelor and Bachelorette to get cancelled?? I will save that for  a different post…

Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!


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About bearrunner

I am a resident and employed in Halifax N.s... I love to run marathons and half marathons... Employed in the health care industry, enjoy photography, music, warm weather...

13 responses to “Happy New Year, 2012… Running goals”

  1. magnuminsp says :

    What is a “BP”?

    Also, my goals are to stay health enough to actually compete in a race this year!

  2. lifeisarun says :

    Hahaha, maybe this will FINALLY be the year we find hope, prosperity, Love and peace on earth!! All thanks to you! =) Good luck w/races…can’t wait to see how they go and the training!

  3. Stride & Joy says :

    Good luck with your goals, and have fun with those winter tights! They rock. I used to live in Canada, and I can’t even imagine going out in that weather. But the tights are genius. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  4. Lauren says :

    All of your goals sound awesome. lol Especially the cancellation of said TV shows. Can I add to the list though? There are a lot that need to go off the air.

  5. Robinson says :

    If you plant a garden you can help bring Peas on earth…

    Great goal list! I’m behind you on the bachelor and bachelorette comign off the air.

  6. joshnichols84 says :

    I just stay away from watching those shows! I have to agree with you though, I really enjoy running on the treadmills when the temperature outside is chilly. Not only am I doing the crossfit workouts, but I’m training for a half-marathon in March also. Thanks for following my blog! 🙂

  7. apey_lynn says :

    Great goals!! Good luck with everything. What Marathon are you planning to run this spring??

  8. Tanya says :

    Great goals….particularly winning the lottery and having the bachelor/bachelorette shows cancelled! haha. Best of luck on the running related goals….but please do share if you discover the secret to winning the lottery!

  9. q8iyadownunder says :

    love your goals, LOL i wanna win the lottery as well
    ill have my fingers crossed for both me and u 😀

  10. Sarah says :

    Great goals and good luck! I’m hoping to complete my first tri this May. Seeing as I have a slight fear of swimming, I’m not sure how well this will go. 😉

  11. Amy says :

    I think signing up for winter races is the worst idea ever! I have also been “farting around” and I am about as unprepared for my half marathon this weekend as I could possibly be.

  12. brookeyool says :

    Hey–thanks for stopping by my blog!
    Good luck on the winter outdoor running. Here in Seattle, we’ve been lucky, so far, having warmer winter conditions. We’ve been in the high 30’s/low 40’s F, so it hasn’t been too tough, so far.
    But this coming week, we have our first snowstorm of the season predicted… ack! This is my first winter running in snow for a few years (took some time off due to two hip surgeries) so we’ll see how I do… yes, the treadmill gets the job done, but we’ll see how tough I am!

  13. theashleypearl says :

    Haha, I love this. I’m training for my first half marathon in March. Good luck in yours in Feb! 🙂

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